Locket is such an inspiring, intellectually fertile place. A lot of companies say things like "work with inspiring people" but this is the first time I've really been like - whoa, okay, these guys are amazing. We have a super flat hierarchy, meaning everyone's voice gets heard. It's the kind of place where an entry-level exec can pull the CEO aside and be like "hey I've got this idea, can I have a little budget to try it out" - and it'll actually happen, the next day. If you've ever felt like a cog in a machine, this is just the polar opposite.


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Current openings

Executive Assistant
  • London, United Kingdom
Customer Service (part-time)
Customer Service
  • Remote job

Perks & Benefits

Take a look at what's on offer for our UK employees:

  • Employee Pension Scheme
  • Company laptop and equipment
  • Unlimited holiday
  • Life Assurance at x3 times your basic salary
  • 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme
  • 24/7 Access to a virtual GP
  • An online will with Farewill for a year
  • Wellbeing Product Discounts
  • Food on the company when working evenings or weekends
  • Contact lenses/glasses subscription

I'm surrounded by insanely talented, highly driven individuals who love what they do and light up a (virtual) room. I can't quite pinpoint what that 'special ingredient' is, but it's magic. I wake up each morning knowing that someone, at some point, will make my day.

Head of Operations

London HQ

Mercury House 117 Waterloo Rd, London

London HQ

Mercury House 117 Waterloo Rd

Locket is somewhere that amazing, engaged, and self-motivated people thrive. There's very open communication despite being an almost fully remote workforce, and the company is focused on using the latest technologies to ensure a competitive advantage.

Chief Marketing Officer